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Step 1) Read our Phonebanking Guide and learn what to expect when making calls for Michael.

Step 2) Join our #TeamOwens volunteer Slack to get support and meet other volunteers who can answer your questions.

Step 3) Enter your info below and start calling! Our phonebanking experience works best when using a computer or tablet with headphones. 

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1. Create a Username.

Choose a username.  This should be in the format of Firstname_Lastname (eg. Michael_Owens).  This will be your login.

2. Enter your email address

Please use a real email address that you check regularly as we will reach out to you.

3. Select your phonebanking team!

If you don't see a team that matches you or one of your affiliations it's OK, just choose #TeamOwens and join us!  If you have problems signing up, try using a different browser (Internet Explorer works well)