Congressional Campaign Fellowship Program

Are you a college student or recent graduate looking to gain valuable experience?

The Michael Owens for Congress campaign has created an fantastic opportunity for young men and women that want to learn more about political campaigns through our Congressional Campaign Fellowship Program.   We are looking for highly motivated people throughout the state of Georgia, but applicants from Cobb, Douglas, Fulton, Clayton, Fayette, Henry will be given priority.


What will I be doing?

This is more than just your typical political fellowship where participants answer phones, staple papers and do mindless work. Yes – we do ask fellows to help around the office, but we can promise you with rewarding, inspiring work. In return for their service, we seek to reward fellows with an educational and networking experience that will enhance their future professional or public service careers. 

Who is the candidate? 

Michael Owens is a progressive Democrat running to represent the Thirteenth Congressional District of Georgia. More information about him, his background and his policies can be found at

What will we be doing? 

Participants will be exposed to professional development in political and social activism, including intensive training on the operation of a modern political campaign, through activities such as issue advocacy, grassroots organizing, digital advertising, fundraising and overall strategy. We are seeking to identify tomorrow’s leaders today, and to give them a true behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on in political campaigns.

What specific areas fellowships be offered in?

• Political / Legislative Research

• Finance and fundraising

• Communications / Press

• Design / Graphic Arts

• Field Organizing

• Strategic Planning

• Social / Digital Media

What are the requirements? 

Fellows are expected to be engaged in campaign activities at least three days a week and weekends as needed and as available. Fellows can be engaged any time during the day or evening where they can have an opportunity to learn and participate in campaign activities . Each fellow will be assigned a functional role based on their selection and fit.  All fellows will be required to participate in our direct voter engagement plan as well.

Can I get credit? 

Every college has different requirements for obtaining academic credit for programs such as ours, and many have different requirements at the departmental or instructor level. We are willing to tailor the program to meet an individual’s needs in order to qualify for credit, but we ask students to research the necessary steps on their own initiative.

What else do I need to know: Fellows will receive a small stipend granted the meet all of the documented requirements and participate throughout the duration of the campaign.  Additionally, travel will be reimbursed and entry into ticketed events will be provided.

Contact information: 

Apply Today!

As part of the application process, you will be required to upload your resume and a short essay of one specific policy issue or campaign area that is of particular interest to you and your community. If you are applying for a more creative position, you are allowed to upload an original design something related to a campaign or policy matter.

It should include your stance on the specific policy issue or the way that a campaign fellowship would help you in your career aspirations.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.