Women For Owens


Women all over the district have made the decision to support Michael Owens for Congress.  He has supported women's right at every turn and we trust him to trust us. 

Veteran and Military Families

Michael Owens for Congress Veterans Council.

Michael served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps with honor and and as a third generation war-time he has the dedication, pride and passion to serve the people of the district tirelessly. 

Educators and Administrators


 Michael is a life-long student with a strong appreciation of educators and their passion for service.  He is the father of a son and daughter in local public students and has pledged his support to improve the situation for our students and teachers.  

Unions & Working Families

Michael owens for Congress. Working Families.  Supporting unions. Georgia GA13

Working families and union members across the district are supporting Michael Owens for Congress. 

Growing up with two hard-working parents, Michael learned the value of a dollar and the importance of supporting local businesses and protecting worker's rights. 

Young Leaders


Michael Joined the Marine Corps at 17 and started his first business at 24.  Often one of the youngest executives in the room, our candidate understands how impactful young people can be.  He also knows that we must act now to ensure protect our air, water, wildlife an planet.