Healthcare for Every American


  • Support for Medicare for All
  • Belief that healthcare is a human right
  • Every American must have access to quality healthcare
  • Mandate lower prescription drug prices
  • Protecting women's reproductive rights
  • Support federal funding to stop the increase in pregnancy-related mortality

Criminal and Social Justice Reform


  • End the War on Drugs once and for all
  • Remove marijuana as a Schedule I Controlled Substance
  • Expungement of all marijuana convictions  
  • Support a restorative justice program 
  • Sentencing reform and realignment
  • Ending cash bail in all court systems
  • Advancing fair housing and racial equity through housing and community development policies and programs

Climate Change and Environmental Justice


  • Support for the Green New Deal
  • Support efforts to immediately reduce carbon emissions 
  • Deal directly with environmental hazards in minority and low income communities
  • Strengthen the Clean Water Act and other environmental protections
  • Increase in funding to the EPA and National Forestry Service
  • Protect national parks and preserves from drilling and fracking

Public Education and Teaching Reforms


  • Ending the school to prison pipeline with innovative programs that support students, parents and teachers
  • Support increase in public schools funding to build new schools, reduce overcrowding and enhance learning opportunities
  • Create federal teaching program to attract and retain the best teachers possible
  • Support  reducing student loan debt and capping interest rates going forward
  • Provide tuition-free public universities, technical & vocational colleges 
  • Recruit public institutions of higher-learning into the district
  • Mandatory financial literacy classes in high school curriculum 
  •  Increase teacher pay and support for classroom materials

Jobs, Wages and Economic Reform



  • Support Paycheck Fairness Act
  • Increase the federal minimum wage to a livable wage tied to inflation
  • Creating Economic policies to level the playing field for people of color, women and lower-income families.
  • Ensure that people and corporations pay their fair share of taxes no matter their wealth
  • Demand wage equality and equity for all races and genders
  • Job training and partnerships with union apprenticeship programs
  • Support unions by restoring the rights of workers to organize and collectively bargain free from employer interference and intimidation.
  • Recruiting and attracting 21st century, hi-tech and green jobs into the district
  • Support investing in upgrading infrastructure and mass transit systems
  • Reform payday lending and other predatory lending practices
  • Support paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Expand funding for subsidized and free child care

Comprehensive Immigration Reform


  • Expedited path to citizenship for Dreamers  
  • Immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for current residents and protects immigrant workers from exploitation
  • End family separations and reinstate normal asylum procedures 
  • Complete overhaul of ICE that immediately ends all inhumane policies, procedures and practices
  • Reinstate foreign aid to Latin American countries
  • Support working with African, Latin American, Caribbean countries as strategic and economic partners to stem the influx of those fleeing from danger and extreme poverty

Defending our Democracy


  • Support the PAVE Act
  • Restore the Voting Rights Act and ending all acts of voter suppression
  • Mandate Election Integrity though the standardized federally mandated election security procedures. 
  • Automatic Voter Registration in all 50 states.
  • End “pay to play” politics by banning Corporate PACs
  • Limit campaign spending and move towards public campaign financing
  • Support for Net Neutrality and  the freedom of information exchange

National Security / Foreign Affairs


  • Focus on rebuilding trust by partnering with our allies and the United Nations
  • Strengthening State Department and take a diplomacy first stance to solving international conflict with a balanced approach to intervention as a last resort.
  • Immediately end funding to the Saudi war in Yemen
  • Create a comprehensive national cybersecurity protection plan that will safeguard state and municipal systems
  • Enhance our cybersecurity capabilities to protect our nation’s critical assets, including our election infrastructure

Unwavering support for our Veterans


  • Stop the privatization of veterans’ health care
  • Expand outreach and funding to eliminate veteran homelessness
  • Bottom up approach to stem the suicide crisis
  • Create a robust plan for veteran job assistance
  • Reduce the time and paperwork for medical benefits determination
  • Ending all deportations for veterans who have served honorably